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US Economic Turmoil – Dow Drops 500 Points

The US financial system is facing its worst periods since the Great Depression brought about by the failure of two of the worlds biggest investment banks and questions about the strength of a giant insurance company.

Lehman Brothers has filed for bankruptcy and Merrill Lynch is undergoing a forced sale to dodge the same bullet. It’s all part of the financial bleeding caused by the meltdown in the housing and credit markets in the United States which has seen the contagion spread far offshore.

The news led to sharp falls in share prices around the world. Washington Correspondent Kim Landers reports.

KIM LANDERS: Some are calling it “Meltdown Monday”. It’s a stunning reshaping of the Wall Street landscape with two of its largest firms falling or tottering, delivering the biggest test to the global economy in decades.

The 158 year old investment bank Lehman Brothers has filed for bankruptcy. A white knight buyer failed to appear when it became clear that the US Treasury wasn’t going to use Government money to clinch the deal.

Lehman falls under the weight of 60 billion dollars in soured real estate holdings. And the world’s biggest brokerage Merrill Lynch has been forced to accept Bank of America’s 50 billion dollar offer to snatch up the firm with the trademark “bull logo”.

Merrill had posted net losses of more than 17 billion dollars over the last four quarters and last week its stock plunged 27 per cent. Peter Morici is a Professor of Business at the University of Maryland.

He’s playing down ramifications of the upheaval.


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