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Astronomers Baffled by Mysterious Light in Sky

It’s not a supernova. Nor is it a galaxy, or a black hole.

In fact, astronomers have no idea what the mysterious object that in February 2006 suddenly flared up in an otherwise barren patch of sky might be, or even what it’s made of.

Researchers working on something called the Supernova Cosmology Project had pointed the Hubble Space Telescope at a very distant star cluster, 8.2 billion light-years away or more than halfway across the universe.

But they noticed something else — a point of light where there hadn’t been one before.

Over the next three months, the object got brighter and brighter until it was 120 times its initial luminosity.

Then it slowly got dimmer again, at about the same rate, until by the end of the year it was gone.

Astronomers led by U.C. Berkeley astrophysics grad student Kyle Barbary put the light coming from it through a mass spectrometer to see what it was made of — but couldn’t get signatures for any known elements.

“Because we can’t see anything we recognize in the spectrum, we can’t tell if it’s even in [our] galaxy or in another galaxy,” Barbary told New Scientist magazine in an article posted Tuesday morning.

It’s not a supernova, which would have flared up much more quickly, then died out even more quickly.

All the scientists know is that it’s no closer to Earth than 130 light-years away — and no further than 11 billion light-years away.

As Sky and Telescope magazine noted last week, “that leaves a lot of leeway.”

“We are hoping someone else might have seen something similar,” Barbary told New Scientist, “or might be able to shed some light on it.”

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8 responses to Astronomers Baffled by Mysterious Light in Sky

  1. If noone can figure it out… I’ll tell you. It’s comes down to OUR CREATOR. This is a sign from God. He said in the Bible to watch for the signs. This is not Evolution or something that can be explained away. Well world, this is one of them. Our Lord is soon to come!! I hope you all have accepted the FACT that Jesus is the son of God, and that he died on the cross for ALL of us, his blood covers all sins.’ And you CAN only get to heaven through OUR Lord Christ Jesus. Without him you will go to Hell. Please get yourselves SAVED, it’s very important. If you ask yourselves how can I be saved… You don’t always do the rght things, your not perfect. You never will, and never will be. Jesus was the only one. Take this to heart… HE LOVES YOU ANYWAY!!! This my fellow brothers and sisters, every nationality, gender, and race… God loves us so much that he’d rather die than to live without us. AND HE DID. He will soon come back for his children.. YOU & ME.

    I love each and everyone of you. Find Jesus, seek him and you will find him. He is there, always has been always will be if you let him into your life and heart.

  2. Well, when I first read about this I had a feeling it may well be the holy city New Jerusalem coming down from God, this may be the city on its way to earth. Let us hope and pray it is.

    The Rapture is coning people very soon, please get ready!

    God bless you all.
    Rev. Jason Seabolt
    Rapture Soon


  4. God said in the last days there would be signs in the sun, moon, & the stars. Jesus Christ is coming to Rapture His church very soon & it is very likely we are the generation still alive to see the coming of our Lord & Savior, The Redeemer, so look up for our redemtion is drawing nigh!

  5. Everyone will know the sign and it will be recognized by all. There will be no room for debate on the subject. It is interesting to note that whenever a previously unexplained or newly discovered phenomena appears in the sky, it is taken as a ‘sign’ or omen of some impending doom for the prosperous and redemption for the down-trodden. It is very important to reserve yourself for the day and the hour, and not go out to meet him because they say he is there, or because of some sign of the time. When he is at your doorstep you will know the moment and there will not be time to prepare your home.

    For ages, signs and dates have been assigned to the end and yet we are still here; You’re children still play in the schoolyard. Do not place the exuberance of your faith on the material world and it’s perceived omens, worship him in the truest way possible, with your heart and mind, and you will be ready no matter the hour. The signs are not for the believers, they are for the uninformed. Do not concern yourself with these shows as they are meant to bring up those who are low, not to be the pillar of faith, signs fade away and stone is torn down. When you come into faith with the Spirit, that is the only sign you need.

    Do not look for a sign when the master is in your home, draw your attention inward to attend to him. Do not look for a temple to worship him at, when he is in your presence. What could be more holy than the ground on which he stands, the home in which he resides?

  6. Look to the East

  7. In an infinite universe, there is room for an infinite number of possibilities. It could be a type of supernova yet undiscovered, or an extended solar flare. It could be an exothermic reaction within a gas cloud wherein a new star was just formed. It could even have been a software or hardware malfunction on the telescope, transmission signals, and processing computers on the ground. There are innumerable explanations — I give God more credit for creating a universe full of mystery and wonder than to assume every unexplained light in the sky must be a sign of doom.

    The signs of the times are all around us. And is anyone curious why even Jesus didn’t know the date of his return? Because we create our own conditions that will warrant the fall of civilization. We reap what we sew, and we will create the world of our future based on our expectations of it, and based on how we look at our world of today. If you want peace, start looking for peace rather than a sign of the Apocalypse.

  8. Lynn said on July 6, 2009

    I saw a bright green, huge ball of light shoot across the sky tonight behind a wall of clouds while I was talking to Jesus within myself and walking outside. The light was so bright that it lit up the sky through the thick clouds in front of it.

    As far as the commenter above (I know it’s an old comment but he says “if you want peace, start looking for peace rather than a sign of the apolcalypse.” I have to disagree. Jesus tells us repeatedly to “WATCH” and speaks of the “signs in the heavens” and He also tells His true followers that our kingdom is not of this world. There won’t be any “peace” in this present world until He returns and sets it in order. So there’s no use in “looking for peace” in a world that is presently under the control of Satan (2 Cor 4:4, 1 Jn 5:19). I would rather watch for the Prince of Peace to return and pour at His wrath (Apocalypse) on the wicked rulers of this world who oppress the people who walk in spiritual darkness and ignorance by refusing to believe the Truth (Jesus…… John 14:6)

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