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Russian Nuclear Bomber Flies Undetected To Within 20 Miles British Coast

A Russian nuclear stealth bomber was able to fly within 90 seconds of the British coast without being picked up by radar, it was revealed today.

The supersonic ‘Blackjack’ jet flew completely undetected to within just 20 miles from Hull in one of the worst breaches of British security since the end of the Cold War.

RAF radar eventually picked up the plane, but the only two pairs of fighter jets used for air alerts were on other duties.

The embarrassing breach late last year has called into question Britain’s defence capabilities after four jet squadrons were cut from the RAF’s budget four years ago.

One senior RAF pilot told The Sun: ‘The Russians made us look helpless. It was a disaster – it basically gave the Russians the green light to fly wherever they want.’

The supersonic jet had taken off from Engel’s Air Base near Saratov on Russia’s Volga delta.

The Ministry of Defense confirmed the incursion took place but said it had a ‘multi-layered’ approach to deterring enemy aircraft.

A spokesman said in a statement: ‘We are satisfied we have the flexibility to launch as many aircraft as the situation requires.’


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