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Apocalypse Soon Says Rev. David Jeremiah

The pages of failed end-of-the-world prophecies could make up a whole new testament. Now there’s the Rev. David Jeremiah, an East County mega-pastor and TV evangelist who says the end is coming, in the words of a familiar church song, “soon and very soon.”

In a new book that hit bookstores this week, Jeremiah offers 10 “prophetic clues” he says point to an imminent conclusion many Christians have clung to for 2,000 years – the Rapture (when the faithful will be summoned instantly into Heaven), followed by the Tribulation (a seven-year period of turmoil), Armageddon (the final battle of good versus evil) and the Second Coming of Jesus (to reign on Earth).

Jeremiah doesn’t set a date in “What in the World Is Going On?” (Thomas Nelson; $22.99). But his urgency is clear: “His return is close at hand,” he writes, adding that Christians should be motivated “as never before to live in readiness.”

“I have no intention of setting any dates or saying this is when this is going to happen,” Jeremiah says, settling back on a couch in his office at Turning Point, his international television and radio ministry headquartered in Lakeside.

“All I’m saying is some of the things that the word of God prophesied would take place as we near this time are happening in ways you cannot contradict.”

The 67-year-old senior pastor of Shadow Mountain Community Church in El Cajon, where he preaches to 7,000 people at weekend services, says he was motivated to write this book after so many people kept questioning him about world events.


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  1. dr. jeremiah is right I believe over 85 percent of prophecy has been filled already.Jesus could call us up at anytime we won’t be here for the rest of the prophecies to be filled.Jesus come quickly.

  2. Dr. Jeremiah is Spirit filled Christian pastor and knows his Bible through and through. I believe he is exactly right. Even common sense can tell us that the world as we know it today cannot go on very much longer. There are madmen running countries that are armed with nuclear weapons; most of the U. S. doesn’t even believe in the true God of Abraham or Jesus Christ. Christians in our country are even being arrested for having a few people in their homes for bible studies. As for me, I am looking forward to the rapture!!

  3. Pastor,
    I just want to say that I really enjoy your program at 7:00 a.m. on Sundays here in Roseville, CA. Your teaching is clear and pure gospel, just as my pastor in this area. More people need to hear the truth, not hype and just “feel good” messages. That will not save them – only Jesus can do that.

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