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Christians Gather on Capitol Hill to Fast, Pray

Christians are gathering on Capitol Hill in Washington, D.C. to fast and pray all week.

Leaders say they are humbly calling upon God in a time when our country needs it the most.

With the upcoming presidential election and the recent financial problems, these believers are asking for God’s mercy and divine direction.

“God is really our only hope,” said Katie Mahoney.

“Now is the time to pray that the right leaders will come,” explained Nathan Rummage.

The non-partisan prayer group also placed a 16-foot cross on the west lawn of the Capitol building.


2 responses to Christians Gather on Capitol Hill to Fast, Pray

  1. Hi, I believe this is exactly right, we should all be on our knees fasting and praying if we want america to once again be the shining star for the people of the world. God is withdrawing his graces and love from this nation, it shows almost daily, and the corruption in the the government is barely being hidden from us any more. I remember praying in school, and I also know we lost god’s support when we started thinking we were all grown up and didn’t need a spiritual hero in our lives any more. Our next president will most likely sink us into the pit of dispair and loss of freedom even further, but I’ll be praying and fasting right along with those people this week, as I think everyone in this country needs to do, or most of us are going to die soon, according to biblical prophecy. God bless

  2. To humble ourselves and pray is the best response to the current economic and spiritual crises in America. We the church can move mountains when we put feet to our faith, trusting in God to answer our prayers. God is faithful and every one of His promises are 100% reliable every time. He will see us through.
    This is a time when our faith is being tested. Those who are found lacking will be left physically and spiritually bankrupt, but we who put our hope in the Almighty God and not in the diminishing dollar will prosper in every way.

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