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UK Leader Pushes For One World Financial System

British Prime Minister Gordon Brown will push for a new global financial system that updates the 1944 Bretton Woods agreement in a speech due to be delivered Monday.

Brown will press the case for reforms at a meeting of leaders of the G20 group of major world economies to be held in Washington on Saturday to discuss the deepening global crisis.

“The British government … will begin to build a new Bretton Woods with a new IMF that offers, by its surveillance of every economy, an early warning system and a crisis prevention mechanism for the whole world,” Brown was due to say in his speech at the annual Lord Mayor’s banquet in London.

The conference in Bretton Woods, New Hampshire, established the international monetary protocols governing trade, banking and other financial relations among nations.

Brown’s office acknowledged Monday that the Washington summit is likely to be just the first in a series of international meetings to debate and decide on reforms of the financial system.

The British leader also planned to say the United States and Europe must provide the leadership for the creation of new international financial institutions.

“The trans-Atlantic relationship has been the engine of effective multilateralism for the past 50 years. I believe the whole of Europe can work closely with America to meet the great challenges which will test our resolution and illuminate our convictions,” he was due to say, according to excerpts of his speech released in advance.

European leaders agreed at a meeting in Brussels on Friday to press for reforms of the International Monetary Fund and to tighten regulations of the financial markets.

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