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Israel Ground Assault On The Gaza Strip Looks Increasingly Possible

At least 307 people have now been killed since Israeli bombers began carrying out strikes on the highly populated territory, Palestinian emergency services have said.

Around 1,000 more including civilians and children caught up in the carnage are said to have been wounded.

Israel launched the offensive to stop Gaza’s militant body Hamas firing rocket attacks into the southern part of the Jewish state.

The offensive has escalated sharply since a six-month ceasefire agreement expired last week.

Israeli airstrikes targeted a government building for the first time this morning bombing the Interior Ministry, Hamas said.

The attack follows a new wave of air strikes that began last night, in which key Hamas targets were hit.

The Islamic University, a centre of cultural significance, was pummelled with bombs.

Airstrikes showered 40 smuggling tunnels running under the border with Egypt, destroying a crucial lifeline to the outside world, and a jail was heavily hit.

Foreign Secretary David Miliband said an “urgent ceasefire” is needed to stop “massive loss of life” in the territory.

He insisted Tel Aviv must abide by its “humanitarian obligations” and Prime Minister Gordon Brown shared his “grave concern” over the situation.

A ground invasion by Israel looks increasingly possible after an approval by Israel’s Cabinet to call in 6,500 reserve soldiers.

The country has also doubled the number of troops on the Gaza border since Saturday and deployed heavy artillery.

via Sky News.

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