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U.S. Intelligence Official – This Is Just The Beginning

Northeast Intelligence Network director Doug Hagmann interviewed a highly-placed U.S. intelligence official late yesterday who not only confirmed rumors about escalated and more intensive Israeli military operations against the Muslim terrorists in Gaza, warned of the increasing probability of abandonment of Israel by the U.S. and other Western countries based on what he termed “malicious intelligence.”

“Remember that term,” advised this well-placed intelligence official, “you’ll be hearing it again.”

“This is just the beginning,” stated this intelligence official, who wished to remain anonymous. This official stated that the possibility for a much more protracted ground war is more likely today than at any other time in the past, adding that Israel is exercising her right to protect herself from her enemies in Gaza. But there is a catch, noted this official, and a big one at that:

Israel could be about to lose the support of the United States.

“I have every reason to believe, based on what I’ve seen at my level of [security] clearance especially over the last several years, that Israel will soon be completely on their own… or worse.” When asked what could be worse than losing the support of the United States, he stated: “when our administration provides more support to Arab countries [with] financial and military aid, undercutting Israel’s defense efforts all while pushing Israel to succumb to the pressure of unreasonable demands designed to end with their political annihilation as a nation.”

According to this official, the U.S. has been slowly proceeding down this road. He cited the 2005 surrender of Gush Katif to the Palestinian Authority as one critical example of the slow dismantlement of Israel as a viable nation. “Despite critical intelligence outlining in every possible manner imaginable that this would be a disastrous move leading to the events we are seeing today, it was done anyway,” he stated.

“We are seeing the very scenario play out today that was outlined in intelligence briefs three and four years ago. Knowing that, there is something very wrong with this picture,” he stated.

via U.S. Intelligence Official about Israel: “This is just the beginning” | Northeast Intelligence Network.

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2 responses to U.S. Intelligence Official – This Is Just The Beginning

  1. It’s the perfect storm, isn’t it? And who better to lead America away from its relationship with Israel than Barack Obama, a confirmed Muslim sympathizer? I believe that Obama will have unprecedented success with his policies around the world. This planet is looking for a global leader now, and Obama is the perfect candidate. He’ll broker peace like no one before him, and then demand an aggressive allegiance to his policies.

    I doubt that he’s the anti-Christ, but I certainly think he might be his forerunner. It’ll be interesting to see

  2. israel will lose the united states support,the reason remains to be seen.economic collapse/emp,nuclear attack/ the rapture/whos to say.we will be asking have you come to take her spoils? the birds are gathering for a feast and its reflected in the increase of planes that have had instances such as sullys. look out your window above/around your cities the birds are getting out of control,they will feast on the flesh of generals and kings.

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