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Israels Worst Fears

U.S. ambassador says the big threat is that Iran has almost enough fuel for its first nuclear weapon.

Sallai Meridor has been Israel’s ambassador to the United States since 2006. During that time, his government’s main strategic worry has been Iran, and that remains so today despite the fighting in Gaza. Israel warns that Iran is making rapid progress toward a nuclear bomb—Meridor calculates that Tehran should have enough fuel for its first bomb sometime in 2009—and that Israel will take military action unless the United States and other allies step in. A former intelligence officer, Meridor recently met with NEWSWEEK editors in New York to discuss Iran and how best to deal with it. Excerpts:

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  1. I think whoever decides to attack or provoke Israel will find out how powerful Israel is. Most nations thik Israel is too small a nation to be worried about however, Israel has the best well trained army in the world. Israel is God’s homeland and Israel will never be defeated.

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