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Jews Facing Increased Challenges and Threats

Representatives of the Jewish People Policy Planning Institute (JPPPI) briefed the cabinet at its weekly meeting Sunday on their 2008 assessment, presenting a particularly bleak forecast.

According to the assessment, Israel and the Jewish people are facing a wide array of challenges and threats, including a new US administration, a continuing erosion in the US’s global position, the strengthening of Iran, the use of Israel as a pretext for the dissemination of a new anti-Semitism, and the economic crisis and consequent blow to Jews’ economic status.

The report pointed to the overall decline in the United States’ status during 2008 as impacting worldwide Jewry.

The simultaneous strengthening of an axis advocating the annihilation of Israel, led by Iran, is threatening the image of the Jewish state as a haven for the Jewish people, the report said.

“Israel is becoming a mainstay for the proliferation of ‘new Anti-Semitism,'” it stated. “This harms Israel’s ‘soft power’ and the image of the Jewish people as a whole.”

Additionally, the report said the global economic crisis may challenge the political power of Jews in the West.

“The assessment is not particularly encouraging from the socioeconomic point of view,” the report went on to explain. It noted that “the economic crisis has dealt a serious blow to Jewish wealth and, along with the Madoff fraud, has severely damaged philanthropist activity and has exacerbated the danger of rising traditional anti-Semitism. Budgetary problems could adversely affect the ability to manage community life and education systems in various locations abroad, given intensified competition over allocations and the channeling of donations outside the community.”

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2 responses to Jews Facing Increased Challenges and Threats

  1. Despite what we read about in the newspapers, or what we hear over the radio, NOTHING can change the Word of G-d. Israel, as a nation, will continue to exist until the sun, moon and stars fall from heaven above. The very land of Israel cries out because of all the bloodshed, but the judgement is not yet complete. The enemies of Israel are the enemies of G-d. The forces of good and the forces of evil will have their day in the near future. Have we not yet learned about the wickedness that exists within the human heart from greed, or lust, or power? We have only begun to see the blackness of the day. It will grow darker, just as the night grows darker BEFORE THE DAWN. Israel will survive, and one day will be the head of all the nations upon the earth. I believe with all my heart that today is the day for all Jews to leave their exile and return to the land of their forefathers. As unsafe as Israel APPEARS to be, I believe it is the only safe place in the world for G-d’s Jewish people. Faith conquers all fear. Faith in the right thing is powerful. Most do not put on their spiritual eye glasses long enough to test the Word of G-d, or they would understand these things. Do not be misled. Israel belongs to G-d, and will one day be ruled by G-d. This I believe.

  2. I agree with Reva. This is an unprecedented time in history. Who would have known that the eyes of the whole world would be centered on Jerusalem after almost 2000 years of exile for the the Jewish Nation? After the hopelessness of the Diaspora and the Holocaust, Israel is became a nation within the boundaries of it’s original homeland only 60 years ago. And despite all the initiatives of it’s Arab neighbors to annhilate Israel, it still stands. God is with Israel and has been since the beginning. God’s chosen people will remain under the protection of God, even through the coming Tribulation. It is no surprise that the world continues to find fault with the Jews, place blame on them and persecutre them, even stating they will “drive Israel into the sea”. Such actions were predicted in Scripture. But Israel miraculously survives and will continue until God returns to the earth claim His people. This is imminent and no power on the earth will be able to stop Israel from gathering it’seople and defending it’s homeland.

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