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Supporters of ‘Antichrist’ Minister Protest Miami-Dade Judges

Wearing white T-shirts emblazoned with ”666”, about a dozen followers of Jose Luis de Jesus Miranda, the Miami-based minister who proclaimed himself the Antichrist, protested his ”persecution” by the justice system in front of the family courthouse on Tuesday.

Last year, after a bitter divorce that featured dueling claims of lesbianism and physical abuse, Miami-Dade judge Roberto Pineiro awarded more than $2.2 million to the minister’s ex-wife, Josefina de Jesus Torres.

In his ruling, Pineiro determined that de Jesus’ Growing in Grace church was a personal business, rather than a religious nonprofit, so the ex-wife was entitled to half of its assets.

Jo-Ann de Jesus, the minister’s daughter who also handles the church’s finances, said the judge based his decision on a ”prejudice against my dad” and not on evidence.

De Jesus and her father’s followers are hoping to get the multimillion dollar judgement overturned.

Pineiro could not be reached for comment Tuesday afternoon.

The minister, who claimed his teachings have replaced those of Jesus Christ and therefore he should be known as the Antichrist, has refused to pay up.

He has been ”moving around a lot lately”, his daughter said, to avoid the arrest warrant issued against him for contempt.

”My father is afraid if he is captured, people will sell their houses to help him because they love him so much,” she said.

Many of de Jesus’ followers say his clash with the secular justice system is further proof that he is the Second Coming. The original Messiah also faced significant legal difficulties, they note.

”It just makes me more secure,” said 38-year-old de Jesus follower Angel Toro. “His persecution means he’s really divine.”

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2 responses to Supporters of ‘Antichrist’ Minister Protest Miami-Dade Judges

  1. OMG! It is absolutely Ludicrous that people would follow someone that proclaims that sex, drugs and “666” are good. And persecution for preaching God’s word is one thing, but for not abiding by a court order, and dodging the law because someone doesn’t want to pay up in a divorce settlement..that does not make him devine!!! The whole thing is a lie. Someone needs to go back and read the BIBLE!!! This is NOT Biblical!!! I’m praying for you!

  2. Wow, these people really missed the point of the Second Coming… It’s CHRIST’S Second Coming not some nut who claims he is the Antichrist. First of all the Antichrist is not going to tell people that is who he is. Second, we are still here so he is clearly NOT the Antichrist. And by no means is this guy divine. He is committing a crime by evading the ruling of a court. Jesus did not evade arrest from a ruling in court He went back to the city to finish what had started because Judas Iscariot betrayed him and by His divine knowledge He knew that was going to happen. This guy just makes me angry.

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