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Israel Appears Fated to Clash With U.S.

“Israeli Coalition Appears Fated to Clash With U.S.” — that’s the headline of a Washington Post story predicting big trouble between the Obama administration and the right-wing coalition government Benjamin Netanyahu is putting together, after failing to bring in centrist or left-wing elements. The Post notes, correctly I think, that Netanyahu himself may well be willing to make concessions on issues such as Israeli settlements and the economic measures taken against Palesetinians. But his partners — hardliners such as Foreign Minister-designee Avigdor Lieberman and Moshe Yaalon, said to be the leading candidate for Defense Minister — are unlikely to concur.

Deep into its article, the Post mentions an alternative scenario. In it, Netanyahu would push through some concessions to Palestinians in exchange for meaningful help from Obama on the issue of main concern to Netanyahu and to Israelis — dealing with the threat posed by a nuclear Iran. To the extent that such a compromise is possible, having Lieberman and other hardliners in his government may work to Netanyahu’s advantage in dealing with Washington because it allows him to insist on U.S. cooperation in dealing with Iran without himself seeming like the “obstructionist.”

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  1. Israel and the U.S. are run by the same people, they will not turn on each other. Go read your bible and history and you will see plane as day that people in Israel are not the descendents of Abraham, Moses, and Jacob. “Jerusalem will be trodden by the Gentiles until the time of the Gentiles be fulfilled.” The people in Israel now are Edomites, Khazars, or better known as imposters. The real descendents are in Iran, Iraq, Ethiopia, etc… True there are some real Israelites (not Jews, a word invented in the 16th century) in Israel but they are not the big wigs who will make their covenant with Rome. The same “Jews” who run the country now will martyr the 144,000 and the two-prophets. Revelations 2:9 “Beware of the Jews that “ARE” the Synagogue of Stan. Not of but are, think about that.

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