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Mysterious Light,Explosion Rattles Nerves In Several States

Were they meteors? A comet? UFOs?

People from Maryland to Hampton Roads heard loud explosions and saw brilliant, streaking lights in the sky Sunday night.

There was no immediate explanation, the National Weather Service office in Wakefield said. The Virginia Beach 911 center had numerous calls waiting just before 10 p.m., a supervisor said.

The Weather Service said reports were made from Dorchester County, Md., to the Virginia/North Carolina border. People said they saw a streak in the sky and heard an explosion.

“It was orange, like a fireball,” said Steve Wagner, who lives in the Great Bridge area of Chesapeake and said what he saw was too close to be a shooting star. Wagner was outside cooking with family when he saw the streak. He said he went inside when his daughter called, then heard an explosion that sounded like thunder.

Chris Wamsley, a meteorologist with the National Weather Service’s Wakefield office, said there could be various causes of the explosions and lights. A team of people is looking into what happened, he said.

Lindsey Hosek of the Great Neck area of Virginia Beach was jogging along the water with her dog when the sky lit up, she said.

“The bright light at first terrified me because I thought somebody was shining a light on me, and then I saw it, and I was in complete awe because it was so beautiful,” she said.

Then she saw something that looked like a comet moving low toward the ground; it was blue in front followed by orange and appeared to be the shape and size of a refrigerator.

Source Read More is investigating the loud boom and bright flash in the sky witnessed by hundreds of thousands of people around 9:40 Sunday night.

People from Maryland to North Carolina have called 10 on your side and reporting the flash.

Witnesses say they saw a bright light off towards the east and saw a bright light raveling across the sky in a west-south west direction.

Scientists from the National Weather Service in Wakefield say they have also been getting hundreds of calls.

Source – Read More

Emergency crews fanned out across the city looking for whatever caused a loud explosion Sunday night.

At around 9:45 911 dispatchers started receiving calls from people reporting a light in the sky followed by a loud boom.

Some reported that the explosion caused their homes to shake.

However, emergency crews could find no evidence of any kind of explosion.

No injuries, fires or damage were reported.

The National Weather Service had few answers.

Jennifer McNatt, a meteorologist said the service had been in touch with the Navy, Air Force and NASA, but none of those organizations had any unusual activity to report.

Officials at Norfolk International Airport had received reports of the light and explosion, but said nothing wsa out of the ordinary at the airport.


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4 responses to Mysterious Light,Explosion Rattles Nerves In Several States

  1. I was sitting in Virginia Beach working on my computer and watching TV around 10 PM. I heard a huge explosion and the our brick ranch, doors and windows rattled. My wife was on the phone and came out of th bedroom with a look of surprise. I thought something had happened across the street where my neighbor had been working on his airconditioning and I was concerned something had blown up. When we stepped onto the porch, the sky was clear and it appeared like nothing had happened. I thought maybe a fuel truck may had exploded on nearby I-64, but it all went quiet again. No doubt, our house, windows and doors shook very violently.

  2. Thanks for this article…

  3. My boyfriend and I saw this light last night also and we’re in Greensboro, NC. It was the strangest thing. Very large and low and it lasted a long time. Not like any shooting star I’ve ever seen before.

  4. I was standing on a ledge looking over the see in polzeath uk it was really quiet and the air around me seemed dull and heavy then all of a sudden a small orangey red light with a tail just like the one in the picture came at speed from the see in a perfectly straight line as it got to the cliffs on the opposite side it went vertical then into a zig zig and as it juts vanished at that point i heard a very high pitched sound like a bird tweeting once and very loud
    Same place same holiday i was stood outside our tent at sunset and in the distance comeing in was what i thought a small plane and i could see the headlights on the wings then one light went above the other and the in to one? it went into the only cloud in the sky and never came out

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