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High Profile Politicians Converting To Catholicism

Former House Speaker and possible 2012 Presidential candidate, Newt Gingrich is providing few details about his recent decision to convert to Roman Catholicism.

Newt GingrichGingrich previously had identified as a Baptist, but two Saturdays ago in Washington, DC, the former House Speaker was officially confirmed into the Catholic Church.

Gingrich, whose third wife Calista is a Catholic, recently criticized the University of Notre Dame for inviting President Obama to speak at its commencement, saying Obama’s “policies are so anti-Catholic values.” In an interview with OneNewsNow, Gingrich was reluctant to explain why he “swam the Tiber.”

“I haven’t talked about this much in public, and I’m not going to for at least six months or a year, but I will say that I found myself deeply comforted, and a deep sense of belonging and of finding a peace in my soul in a way that I just found very, very powerful,” he explains.

Other high-profile Catholic converts from the political realm include Sam Brownback, Bobby Jindal, Jeb Bush, and former British Prime Minister Tony Blair.


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  1. All of those Men…. Need to read the bible and dig in to Revelations…. If they really want to discover the truth about catholicism …… Its sad that they will follow the Pope instead of God…… If they really do the research…….. They will run so fast from catholicism ……… God save our men in office I pray……..

  2. There’s no hope in the Pope.

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