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Obama – US Not A Christian Nation

Barack Obama told an audience in Turkey that the US is not a Christian nation. Sean Hannity aired the video.

8 responses to Obama – US Not A Christian Nation

  1. I beg to differ …….. Our Constitution was writen by men of Christian faith …… our country was founded by men who wanted to break away from England and the Catholic religion to be free to live and worship God as free men …. It is exactly why This Country has become a super power… Because we we’re One Nation Under God ……. This Country is in trouble because people have forgotten that …… we have been to open to suggestion and liberal ……. Our Lord can not protect a nation who has turned its back on him…… 911 was just a wake up call…….

  2. Treaty of Tripoli Article 11.

  3. I did not hear the video, but with only the headline, how can the average American call themselves true Christians anyhow if they don’t practice evrything the Bible teaches. So the Average American is not a Christian in the Biblical sense as they don’t behave like Christians, they only like to declare it, and think that their belonging to some church or organization is going to save them. So I would agree with the “headline” that the US is ‘not a Christian nation’, even though it was originally founded on those principles. We expect this though in this last age, all prophecy is being fulfilled.

  4. greeting to Obama in the name of the lord jesus christ. p- obama i want you to go and read your bible and God will open ur eye to see the truth about the Israel, what God say concerning israel. israel can not accept Muslims ,the word of God is against there coming togather. because bible most be fulfill in this last day of hour.

  5. If the Americans were truly considered a Christian nation then why would they support all the sin and degradation that they do? How can you call yourself a Christian and permit things that are abominations to the Christian faith, the Holy Bible. It is too late to try to claim these things, for America is sinned her day of Grace away. the Lord’s Prayer and reading of the Bible taken out of classrooms started it all…(you didn’t publish my earlier comments, are you going to publish this one?)

  6. Sarah: It is impossible for any man or woman to practice everything the bible teaches and be, as you define it ” a true Christian”, because of man’s inherent sin nature. Jesus died on the cross, because all of those that call themselves Christian will fall short of the ideal. His sacrifice was made to bridge the gap between God and man that is a result of sin.

  7. and by the way, despite what Obama says, we are still a proportionately Christian nature.

  8. It’s a sorry day when we have a president who won’t uphold this Christian nation established by the Supreme Judge of the world to whom our founding fathers appealed when they sought freedom from the exigencies of tyranny. A true leader of this nation would say, as Washington did: “It is impossible to rightly govern the world without God and Bible.” What is the advantage of refusing to be acknowledge the source of our help, and that it comes from on high? I tell you it is like telling an army to refuse to follow its king and instead turn around and parlay with the enemy. Obama’s comments are an insult to all the good men and women of this country who gave their lives to preserve our freedoms.

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