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Making The U.S. Subservient To Global Governance

The American Center for Law & Justice is urging Americans to sign a letter of protest to President Barack Obama, expressing concern about the administration’s new strategy of internationalism — embracing foreign and economic policies that may very well put U.S. sovereignty at risk.

The ACLJ is concerned about the nomination of Harold Koh to serve as the top legal counsel in the U.S. State Department. Koh, who is dean of the Yale University Law School, endorses an “international-first” philosophy that puts the interests of the global community above those of the United States.

Jay Sekulow, chief counsel of the ACLJ, says Koh has coined the phrase “transnationalism.”

“What [that philosophy] basically says is this: that the U.S. Constitution is subservient to international standards, and is not to be the standard upon which U.S. courts are even to interpret our Constitution — that international norms should be the highest standard,” he explains.

According to Sekulow, that completely undercuts the sovereignty of the United States. “I tell you, I’m very concerned about this,” says the attorney. “I do not like the idea of the sovereignty of the United States being sold to Europe — and that’s what I am afraid is happening here.”

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  1. Forget US soverignty. Roosevelt gave it to the banks and they will never give it back. Obama and the Clintons have it sewed up tight as charter members of the Cabal of New World Order.

    Why should it shock Christians that the antichrist is coming to power under an international government mandate?

    Wake up…its later than ewe think.

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