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Christian Identity Theft – Christians In Name Only

One of the most massive and widespread occurrences of identity theft has happened, and it is not even attracting the attention of local, state or national leaders. This particularly insidious method targets a minority group, stealing their most precious possession, and yet even more compelling is that the perpetrator assumes nearly permanent “residency” in the victim’s identity.

The mastermind behind this worldwide ring has cells in every city and town in America – including operatives in many unsuspecting homes. The evidence of this outrage is right before our eyes, but we have simply chosen to ignore its existence, pretending that the consequences will be insignificant.

The “victim” is biblical Christianity, and the operatives of this fraud are millions of Americans, both clergy and laity, who are walking around using that identity with no right to do so. The consequences are a nation without the spiritual, moral, social and political anchor that held us firm through over 400 years of tempests and storms.


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  1. We are told to “let the wheat grow with the tares, if we try and uproot the ‘tares’ we may damage the wheat.” A loose paraphrase, to be sure. Granted, there are multitudes of people who have stolen the identity of the redeemed; but further consideration of the “last page of the book” should serve to tell us that although they use the title “Christian” now, there will be that day when He, who is not deceived by this theft, will summon them to stand trial for the crime. They will have no defense and no lawyer to represent them, as the only mediator they could have had is the one before whom they’ll stand. Therefore, we might pity them and enough to warn them and perhaps, seizing what opportunities presented to us, present the Gospel of Jesus Christ to them again and afford them the “ministry of reconciliation” again. Truly, Father forgive them, they know not what they do.

  2. It is a sad day that this is happening in America. And do not forget Obama is one of those people who say they are a christian but his actions and morals are completely opposite from where a christian is supposed to stand. I pity those people, but I will pray for them.

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