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Survey: Israelis Like America, Distrust Obama

A recent survey conducted by Bar-Ilan University’s BESA Center in conjunction with the Anti-Defamation League reveals Israelis’ opinion about the United States relationship to the Jewish State.

The Israeli respondents, 57 percent of whom identified as secular, reported positive feelings toward America (72%), with a preponderance asserting that the United States is a loyal ally of Israel (68%).

The overwhelming majority of those polled trust that the United States would come to the aid of Israel in the event of an existential emergency (76%), with nearly all respondents believing close relations with America is vital to Israel’s security (91%).

However, Israeli confidence in the U.S president plummeted from surveys taken in 2007. While most Israelis considered President George W. Bush’s attitude toward Israel to be friendly (73%), President Barack Hussein Obama is considered friendly by only about a third of Israelis (38%).

The younger generation of Israelis is more skeptical about Obama than the older generation, with 41 percent of respondents aged 42 and over believing Obama is capable of making the right decisions regarding the Israeli-PA conflict, as opposed to only 32 percent of respondents under the age of 41.

In regard to whether Obama would maintain friendly relations with Israel, 41 percent of older respondents agreed he would, with only 34 percent of the younger respondents also agreeing.

A whopping 80 percent of opinion holders said that Obama’s plan to bring about reconciliation with the Arab world in order to improve the U.S.’s position and reputation would come at Israel’s expense.


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