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Nearly Half Of Children Born Out Of Wedlock – UK

Almost half of babies are now born outside wedlock, official figures show.

The demise of the traditional family set-up is continuing despite growing evidence that children suffer when they are not raised by a married mother and father.

Data published by the Office for National Statistics show that in 2007, 44.4 per cent of live births were outside marriage.

The proportion is the highest on record, up from 43.7 per cent the previous year, and has risen from just 9 per cent in 1976, when illegitimacy was taboo.

It is set to rise still further as early figures for 2008 show a record 93,000 babies were born to unmarried women the third quarter of the year.

Among British-born mothers the proportion of babies born out of wedlock is likely to be above the landmark 50 per cent already, as immigrants are more likely to have children within marriage.

The marriage rate in England and Wales is now the lowest since it was first calculated in 1862, as the population increases but the number of people getting married falls.

There were just 231,450 weddings in 2007, two-thirds of which were civil ceremonies. Just 55,890 were held by Church of England priests.


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  1. The out of wedlock birth rate has everything to do with modern Divorce Laws which are a major deterrent for men to undertake marriage. The justice, or lack thereof, dished out to men in the Family Courts sounds eerily similar to what is described in the Book of Amos (OT). These state of affairs (no pun intended) will weaken us as a Western civilization and bring us demographically to our knees. It’s only a matter of time before the Assyrians and the Babylonians come swooping in and destroy our kingdom, as was prophesized in the Book of Amos.

  2. this world is slowly fayding away jesus is coming to clean it up soon amen

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