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American Marriage – Prepare For Polygamy & Triad Marriages

Some Americans are now pushing for threesome marriages, also called “triads.”

Polyamorous marriages would involve two women and a man, or vice versa. However, many Americans do not know that those relationships are already occurring.

Matt Barber of Liberty Counsel tells OneNewsNow the existence of triad relationships exonerates those who have been warning that polyamorous and polygamous marriages would be the next step if homosexual “marriage” is legalized.

“Proponents of same-sex marriage have screamed and yelled and said that we were lying, but here we have proof positive that in fact once you radically redefine [what marriage is], once you break marriage, then anything and everything becomes marriage,” he contends.

Matt BarberBarber adds the true motive is to destroy the institution of marriage. “Because that is an institution that was given to mankind from God — so this all boils down to rebellion against God. And they will rebel in any way that they can,” he says. “They will create new ways of doing evil — and polyamorous, triad marriages are just an example of that.”



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  1. personally i know that many bad things will come especailly during the great trib”’i believe we are here and The Ministry of revelation 11 is upon the earth let us Enter into deep fast of consecration and make sure we are living in Holiness the world will be the world and they will do what the world is Predestinated to do leave um alone

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