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ACLU Sues Schools Over Homosexual Website Access

The American Civil Liberties Union has made good on a promise to sue two Tennessee school districts.

Knox County Schools and Metropolitan Nashville Public Schools are blocking certain pro-homosexual websites from access, but also websites that oppose the lifestyle (see earlier story). The ACLU has filed a lawsuit, but Mat Staver of Liberty Counsel tells OneNewsNow the school district policies are good.

“These websites, whether pro or con, should not be in public schools. Public schools are not the place to have this debate,” he contends. “This is an environment to educate and train children, but not to indoctrinate them in homosexuality.”

Matt StaverStaver believes the ACLU is using the courts to try to force the homosexual agenda on the students. “This is the essence of the ACLU. They want to push a radical, anti-family, anti-religious agenda down the throats of Americans, and they want to do it through the public school system because they know if they capture the youth, they will literally own the future,” he says.

Liberty Counsel has offered to represent the school districts for free.

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