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The Bishop That Doesn’t Believe in God Still Bishop

Richard Holloway is a Bishop of the Scottish Episcopal Church. There seems to be on obvious problem — he doesn’t believe in God. In the Scottish Episcopal Church, that must not be a problem.

Bishop Holloway served for years as Bishop of Edinburgh and primate of the Scottish church. The Scottish Episcopal Church is part of the Anglican Communion — the Scottish sister church of the Church of England. During his years as Bishop of Edinburgh Holloway regularly offended the faithful, promoting one heresy or scandalous teaching after another.

In 2000 he took early retirement, but did not resign his ordination or consecration. He remains a bishop, even as he has become an agnostic.

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3 responses to The Bishop That Doesn’t Believe in God Still Bishop

  1. Just shows what happens when a church turns down truth now look
    where it is beyond dead its rotten to the core with devils running it
    they are blind as can be

  2. The Bishop That Doesn’t Believe in God? Don’t worry about him, Gods dealt with clowns like this for centuries. If he does not turn from his ways, He’s toast………………… Pete, Indiana.

  3. He may be one of the honest few… There are a lot of ministers and priests who have lost their faith and yet still lead in the Church. They somehow think that their unbelief will either go away, or in the case of this particular bishop, they are heavily invested in the pension system and rightly fear losing their retirement if they leave.

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