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Actor Jon Voight Goes After Obama, ‘False Prophet’

Speaking at a Republican party fundraising dinner in Washington, D.C., Monday night, actor Jon Voight called President Barack Obama a “false prophet,” the Wall Street Journal reports . Voight emceed the dinner, which raised nearly $15 million for the GOP.

Voight focused on Obama for much of his speech. “Obama as a candidate portrayed himself as a moderate but turned out to be wildly radical,” he said. “Everything Obama has recommended has turned out to be disastrous.” Voight also said that the U.S. under Obama’s leadership is in danger of “becoming a weak nation.”


2 responses to Actor Jon Voight Goes After Obama, ‘False Prophet’

  1. liz said on June 10, 2009

    what is the GOP going to do with the 15 million dollars? pocket it?
    i really dont know. i will check back tomorrow to see any answers.

  2. really huge disaster and turmoil we are in. i believe that believers need to get ready anytime soon to meet up with Jesus.

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