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China Detains More House Church Leaders

Over a dozen Chinese house church leaders faced another day of detention Saturday, June 13, and some of them the prospect of years imprisonment, after security forces raided a house church in China’s Sichuan province, Christians said. There was also concern over the whereabouts of a prominent human rights lawyer after a Chinese official spoke about his alleged kidnapping by security forces.

Rights group China Aid Association (CAA), which has close contact with the reportedly persecuted Christians, told Worthy News that over 30 house church leaders were detained June 9, while gathering in a house church in Langzhong city of Sichuan province. “Thirteen leaders were given 15 days of administrative detention, and five of the leaders were placed under criminal detention. The other leaders were released,” CAA said.

It identified the 13 leaders who receiving 15 days of administrative detention as: Wang Fang, Ma Zhongqiong, Wang Huaying, Pang Kaizhen, Chen Deying, Hu Xiuying, Li Daxiu, Deng Shuhua, Chen Jingfang, Wang Yulan, Song Liangqing, Wang Shixiu and Li Shufeng. Five other pastors, Gao Guofu, Li Ming, Zhang Guofen, Gu Lianpeng and Yu Zhipeng received “criminal detention” a prelude to possible “three years of re-education through labor,” CAA said.


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