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Something Different Happening With New Flu


The new strain of H1N1 flu is causing “something different” to happen in the United States this year — perhaps an extended year-round flu season that disproportionately hits young people, health officials said on Thursday.

An unusually cool late spring may be helping keep the infection going in the U.S. Northeast, especially densely populated areas in New York and Massachusetts, the officials at the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention said.

And infections among healthcare workers suggest that people are showing up at work sick — meaning that workplace policies may be contributing to its spread, the CDC officials said.

The new strain of swine flu is officially a pandemic now, according to the World Health Organization.

So far the virus is causing mild to moderate disease, but it has killed at least 167 people and been confirmed in nearly 40,000 globally.

The United States has been hardest hit, with upward of 100,000 likely cases and probably far more, with 44 deaths and 1,600 hospitalized.

“The fact that we are seeing ongoing transmission now indicates that we are seeing something different,” the CDC’s Dr. Daniel Jernigan told a news briefing.

“And we believe that that may have to do with the complete lack of immunity to this particular virus among those that are most likely affected. And those are children,” Jernigan added.


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  1. The people that turn their backs on God will feel his wrath, and this is exactly what is going on, yet people will continue to refuse to believe that it is anything more than “something that just happens.” Ouch. — These things are going to get considerably worse for those that continue to live a life of sin and turn their backs on God. It’s only a matter of time. The clock is truly ticking and we’re in the midst of the return of Christ very, very soon! Come, Lord Yeshua, come!

  2. Yip.Just another end time sign ,signing of on the word of God.The ride is about to go out of control.
    Lucky are those that have Jesus!!!!

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