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Police Raid Pastor’s Home For Holding Church Services


Last Thursday, a swarm of police officers descended on Michael Salman’s northwest Phoenix home. Armed officers herded Salman, his wife Suzanne, their five young daughters, and their visiting friends into the living room — and kept them under watch for 90 minutes while other city officials searched the grounds.

And here’s the crazy part: The officials weren’t looking for drugs, weapons, or stolen property.

They were looking for evidence that Michael and Suzanne Salman are holding church services in their backyard.

Sounds unbelievable, right? The First Amendment assures us that the government cannot interfere with the “free exercise” of religion. Surely, it’s none of the city’s business who worships where, or when.

But that’s exactly what the city of Phoenix was investigating last week.

One of the visitors in the Salmans’ home that day, Sam Atallah, came here from Syria for graduate school and now has a Christian ministry focusing on his fellow Middle Easterners. Atallah couldn’t believe his own eyes: Seven or eight police officers held the family and their guests at bay. When Suzanne had to leave the room to change her baby’s diaper, she was escorted by a cop. When Michael Salman initially demurred at producing a key to an outbuilding, the cops threatened to break down the door.

All because they’re holding church services?

“If you tell somebody in the Middle East that this happened, they can’t believe you,” Atallah says. “We came to America to get away from this kind of persecution.”

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  1. It’s unbelievable that this kind of incidents are happening in the US. A country built on GOD should not entertain this kind of incidents.

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