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Israel Must Attack Iran, Insists Bolton


Former US Ambassador to the UN John Bolton told The Washington Post on Thursday that the only way left to prevent Iran from obtaining nuclear weapons is to support an Israeli military strike on the Islamic Republic.

Bolton said the soft approach taken by US President Barack Obama had only hastened the Iranian nuclear threat, and that today the only options that remain are to allow Iran to obtain nuclear weapons or intervene militarily.

With Obama almost certain to never order a military strike on Iran, that leaves only Israel.

Bolton urged Israel to decide quickly whether or not it will strike.

“Israel’s decision of whether to use military force against Tehran’s nuclear weapons program is more urgent than ever,” said Bolton, adding that he is confident new Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu fully grasps the gravity of the situation and will respond accordingly.

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2 responses to Israel Must Attack Iran, Insists Bolton

  1. Our President is on a road of no return. Not only has the inital stages of Global Economic Meltdown begun, he is now being advised to tell Israel to give up Jeruselem until the peace treaty can be negoitiated. This means that CAP, the orginization that Obama is a member of will convince him to support this suggestion and advice. When Iran wishes to bomb Israel and wipe her off the face of the map, Our President may endorse that? As most who knew this would happen, Obama has decieved the American People. Rough times are ahead, and for those who do not know Christ as their Savior, even rougher times will prevail. We are seeing biblical prophecy unfold before our very eyes. Get your family, friends, and those who do not know Christ and get them saved, because we are going to meet our Savior in the Air very soon!!

  2. Jerusalem as the capital of Israel is not negotiable. Israel must move quickly to secure it borders. The Israeli flag must also be planted on the Temple mount according to Isaiah 18:1-4.

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