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Is A New World Order Just Around The Corner Pt.1


What is the New World Order? If we are to believe what we are told then imagine a utopia where the average man can twiddle away his time knowing that the enlightened elite will see to his every need. It is a global empire that unites men under a common banner. It is touted as a world state where by the divisive ideas of nationality, creed, religion, and culture no longer divide one individual from the other. Within this order lay the foundation of a new era without discrimination, unemployment, or war. It will become a global society where we will yield both our individuality as well as our sovereignty for the benefit of peace and prosperity for everyone. Truly, the coming utopia is a manifestation of Eden as it was intend to be.

Many people suggest that the idea of a one world government is merely the passive aggressive speculation of those who considered themselves as either militantly antigovernment or Christian fundamentalists. It is a conspiracy theory referring to a totalitarian government designed to create and enforce international law. And while it may be contributed to idol fancy, consider such unions as the World Trade Organization, the North American Free Trade Agreement, the European Union, and the United Nations. Is it difficult to understand why some may have reason to be concerned?

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  1. I want part II!!

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