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Pope Calls For A True World Political Authority


Pope Benedict XVI on Tuesday condemned the “grave deviations and failures” of capitalism exposed by the financial crisis and issued a strong call for ” to oversee a return to ethics in the global economy.

The pontiff’s call for stronger government regulation was made in his third and eagerly awaited encyclical, Charity in Truth, which the Vatican chose to issue on the eve of the G8 summit of rich nations being held in Italy.

His attack on unbridled capitalism and unregulated market forces was also accompanied by a strong critique of some international aid agencies, which he accused of encouraging abortion, sterilisation and imposing contraception. The pontiff, elected to the papacy in 2005, stirred controversy on his first visit to Africa in March when he said that use of condoms exacerbated the Aids crisis.

While the pontiff’s call for a new political authority is unlikely to go down well with the G8 heads of government, his plea for financiers in particular to refocus on ethics will be reflected in a G8 communiqué bearing the imprint of Italy and Germany in their push for stronger and more co-ordinated “global standards”.

In common with some of the more regulatory-minded members of the G8, the pope does not reject globalisation outright but seeks more forceful implementation of common rules and standards.

Pope Benedict’s emphasis on the need for “forms of redistribution of wealth” is also likely to fuel the debate at the summit – to be attended by 39 heads of government and international institutions – over the failure of several rich nations, most notably Italy and France, to honour past aid commitments.

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  2. antichrist falseprophet?

  3. SS said on July 13, 2009

    I thought Rome was Capitalistic!

  4. everyone knows that after the first nicene council the cat5hathic church has this the reason why the pop wants a one world currenc been taking gold from other countries in the name of cristiannity and false doctrine estblished by the coucils sine the the rule of constine. They are still doing it today they have more gold than fortr knox and more wealth is established by the catholic church and they have the golds. The united states has been taking it up to them by train from fort knx since the 1950’s. We have our money backed by the gold standard but do’t have very much gold to baqck it up. The pop wants a one world currency so the catholic church can have more political and monetary power that is being revealed as we speak. Which brother William branham spoke of when he was revealing the message in the exposition of the seven church ages and the book of the seven seals as he hath declared to his servents the phropets.

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