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Charter School’s Use of Bible Ignites Firestorm


A new charter school planning to open this fall in Idaho has come under fire since it publicly announced one of the textbooks students will be using is the Bible.

Unlike a typical public school, the Nampa Classical Academy has the freedom under Idaho’s Public Charter School Commission to develop its own curriculum. Students will be taught, for example, Latin and Western civilization, but it’s the school’s choice to use the Bible as a historical and literary text that has ignited a public firestorm.

At a meeting of the Public Charter School Commission, parents stood and argued for and against allowing the Bible to be used in the school.

The American Civil Liberties Union plans to launch an investigation.

“Our main concern is the separation of church and state and that the state is not funding or endorsing a specific religion,” Monica Hopkins, director of the ACLU of Idaho told the Idaho Press-Tribune.

The Public Charter School Commission has directed staff to review the legality of using the Bible in charter schools.

Even Idaho’s Deputy Attorney General Jennifer Swartz, according to the Press-Tribune, has raised concerns that the Bible – even if it used in a purely secular manner – may not be allowed in the classroom under the Idaho Constitution.

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4 responses to Charter School’s Use of Bible Ignites Firestorm

  1. Oh no not the Bible! They might learn to be grace oriented. And what if they commit the unpardonable sin of denying evolution, or even consider creationism. What if they grow up to be conservatives? How can this ever be allowed? We must show our toleration and stop this. We must be examples of tolerance and destroy this. Our politically correct society, correct in whose standards?

  2. and THEN we wonder why the school systems of America are failing, and becoming more violent/volatile year after year… I remember Bible lessons when I went to school, and never did have to worry if a classmate had a gun that he or she would eventually bring to school to do others harm… don’t think that we will ever get back to that, until we are all gathered around His throne. Shouldn’t be forced, Christianity is not a forced religion, but what about my child, who would WANT to pray; why should he be punished just because others don’t think it important… sounds like we are watching Matthew 24 come to fruition every day we open our eyes

  3. I believe the Bible to be the best source of all knowledge, not limited to history. I use it to educate my own children. That being said if the public school is looking at the Bible from a purely secular standpoint I’m not sure the classroom is the best place for it. What’s stopping them from using the Koran next term?

  4. If the school taught Buddhism or some other false faith then no one would get riled up except Bible believing Christians. But let it be the true Word of God that is taught and the whole world is ready to take up arms against it. God save us from ourselves.

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