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Glenn Beck – Dollar Disaster Leading To One World Government?


From The Transcript – We’re spending ourself. Into oblivion there is going to be nothing left. I want to show you a video something that somebody sent to me last week it’s from CNBC. I don’t this guy at a I don’t know anything about this guy has been interviewed we did some checking on and give his bio here a second. He’s not crazy he may be wrong but he’s not crazy. He was on CNBC’s Asia Squawk Box I was dumbfounded by this interview because they post didn’t say hopefully put weight. What. I have never heard anyone on television say this before watch this.”

” Oil looks higher. Gold looks higher currencies look weaker all for the reasons that we talked about before he ended. You’ve got usual wage disparities. I don’t know how that inevitably resolves itself.”

” On it may resolve itself and Tom — a — of a global currency crisis. And then if the global currency crisis unfolds then inevitably you get. I guess an alignment under a global world government. I knew global currency bond and — new world order.”

” So. We may be moving towards that can talk a little more about this set records secret CCC. Erupting what does that humor about what’s gonna happen to the dollar. Well it assumes that dollar — get destroyed. And become virtually –”

” Again I can’t take it again take it well talk to be a little bit more about this currency crisis what does that do it. Bill I need it did not hearing wrong play just a little sniping didn’t what did you just say.”

” If the global currency crisis unfolds then inevitably you get. I guess an alignment under a global world government. I — global currency. And any new world order.”

” Good. The guest just said that the dollar would collapse and replaced with some sort of global currency I mean have you checked the front page of the drugs report today China’s saying. Hate America you really might wanna rethink that whole health care thing it seems pretty expensive. That is our bank that’s your bank calling up and saying hey by the way I think guys are spending too much money SF that’s a pretty big house. If this bank doesn’t give us anymore alone or we — this bank there’s nobody left. A one world government a new world order. And a host doesn’t even flinch apparently.

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