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Fear That The End Is Near Grows – Apocalypse Bubble?


Dene McGriff wants to make sense out of the last days – the end of times. He has turned to the Bible. Others have turned to ancient calendars, prophecies and even movies. All see the same message: The end is near.

McGriff, a retired Carmichael, Calif., businessman, runs a Web site called Tribulation Network, which is devoted to Bible prophecies about the end of the world as we know it.

“People are looking for answers; there’s a lot of anxiety right now,” said McGriff, 67.

They have browsed for answers in an array of books on the subject, with titles such as “The Mystery of 2012,” “Time Storm 2012” and “2012: The War for Souls.” They have watched for them in the movie “2012,” which opened this month and earned more than $200 million worldwide in its first week. And they have perused the proliferation of Web sites like McGriff’s.

There’s more to come. “The Road,” based on the Pulitzer Prize-winning novel by Cormac McCarthy about a post-apocalyptic world, opens Wednesday.

“We’re in an apocalypse bubble, in the same way that there was a real estate bubble and a dot-com bubble,” said John Hall, a sociologist at the University of California Davis.

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