Prophecy in today's headlines

Rapture Tracker Watching And Waiting Online


Some see the signs in natural disasters or political news, others in apocalyptic visions at the movie theatre. Whatever the inspiration, a growing online community is devoted to tracking the imminent arrival of the Rapture.

Specifics vary according to denomination and individual belief, but basic Rapture doctrine says Jesus will unexpectedly return and bring faithful Christians to Heaven, leaving non-believers and followers of other faiths behind to face a prolonged period of global strife.

“I think it’s becoming more mature, people are becoming more organized,” says Todd Strandberg, the Benton, Arkansas-based found of “The number of web and blog sites have just proliferated.” Strandberg believes his site, founded in 1987, is one of the oldest, and it attracts about 250,000 unique visitors and eight million views a month. Its cornerstone is the Rapture Index, a weekly score that ranks the nearness of the Rapture based on indicators such as inflation, crime rates and natural disasters.

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