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China:Harder For World To Buy U.S. Treasuries


China’s central banker recently said that it is becoming harder for governments around the world to buy United States treasuries, while warning that the US Dollar will lose its value.

Currently, the United States Dollar Index is trading at 78.2 points. At the present time, the People’s Republic of China owns just under $1 trillion of US treasuries but some say they have $2.3 trillion in reserves.

The Deputy Governor of the People’s Bank of China, Zhu Min, said on Thursday that it’s getting a lot harder for governments around the globe to purchase US treasuries because of their current-account gap is reducing supply of dollars overseas, according to Shanghai Daily.

He spoke on the issue globally and not just specifically to China. Speaking to an academic audience, Zhu said that it’s absolutely inevitable the US Dollar will lose its worth and continue to fall in value because Washington continues to issue more treasuries to finance deficits and debt.

China: Becoming harder for the world to buy U.S. treasuries

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