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Study: Sexting A Growing and Dangerous Problem


Pew Research Center has released results of a survey on “sexting,” the practice mostly among youth of transmitting nude or semi-nude pictures of themselves via cell phone. The research involves a survey combined with focus groups, and Amanda Lenhart, senior research specialist and a spokesperson for Pew Research, reports the results.

“We found that four percent of teenagers 12 to 17 who had a cell phone said that they had sent these images of themselves to somebody else,” she explains. “And then we also found that 15 percent of teenagers at the same age range said that they had received these images of somebody that they knew.”

Text messageThe spokeswoman adds that those figures were not surprising, but “one thing that did surprise us…was the fact that there’s actually no gender difference between boys and girls in the sending or receiving of these images. I think we have this story in our minds that this is something that girls experience more than boys, but in fact, both groups were equally as likely to say that they both sent and received them,” she notes.

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