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Third Act for the Jerusalem Crisis This Week

Relations between the United States and Israel hit crisis level last week. The drama has played out in two acts so far. The third act comes this week, and determines whether it will be a tragedy or farce.According to the New York Times, the acrimonious 10-day confrontation between President Obama and Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu is over — with each side claiming victory.

American officials say they got important concessions from Israel, while Israeli officials say that Netanyahu didn’t give away anything of real importance — certainly not on Jerusalem. Which, after all, was the casus belli for this U.S.-precipitated oratorical row.Upon review of what actually transpired during these tense 10 days, there’s a lingering question that should nevertheless haunt Obama for a long time: Did he and his subordinates really need to huff and puff so vociferously against Israel and end up with so little?

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  1. Obama is our president and the Holy Bible states that God sets up rulers. And he is there to fulfill the end of our age. Soon, the new false peace of which the Bible mentions will be implemented. Brothers and Sisters beware.

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