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Posters In Jerusalem Call For Construction of Third Temple

While tensions continue to simmer around the Temple Mount after riots in and around the capital’s Old City earlier this month, a new campaign calling for the construction of the Third Temple atop the holy site has made its way to the sides of 200 Egged buses in the city, which now sport posters featuring a picture of a rebuilt temple on the Mount, and nothing else.

The posters, which contain the phrase, “May the Bais Hamikdosh be rebuilt speedily and within our days,” were sponsored by the Our Land of Israel group, which is led by Rabbi Shalom Dov Volpo and activist Baruch Marzel, leave out the site’s current structures – namely the the Aksa Mosque and the Dome of the Rock.

The campaign’s organizers chose to plaster the posters on buses whose routes take them through predominately Arab neighborhoods of east Jerusalem.

With regards to the campaign, Volpo said Israel is waiting breathlessly for the coming of the messiah and the rebuilding of the temple.

“The Arabs and President Obama know that the Temple will be built on the Temple Mount,” he said. “Instead of the temporary buildings that are there today.”

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  1. Stories such as the “Third-temple” show that the spirit of the anti-christ is busy knowing his end is near. Hallelujah! Jesus says, in his revelation to John to “test the spirits.” What kind of spirit wants to rebuilt a earthly temple?

    The temple today is our body with Christ as head. Which power and principality in high places wants to rebuild a worldly temple? And for what purpose? A great delusion appears to be close at hand.

    Many Christians are looking for the true Christ to return. Perhaps many will be deceived by a worldly temple. The Holy Bible clearly declares that our city, Jerusalem is the city above for which we strive.

    Brothers and sisters in Christ, do not be deceived!

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