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Netanyahu: We Came To Israel to Build, It Is Our Destiny

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said at a Mimouna event at the northern city of Kiryat Ata, “We are embracing our past and breaking into our future. It is not by chance that we came to this country. We came back here to build and be built. It is the special destiny of the people of Israel.”

via Netanyahu: We came to Israel to build, it is our destiny – Israel News, Ynetnews.

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2 responses to Netanyahu: We Came To Israel to Build, It Is Our Destiny

  1. God will bless you PM Benjamin that you don’t bow your knees before the enemies of God Most High. The land belong to you and your precious nations. We as REAL followers of the ONLY WAY will stand with you and pray for the peace of Jerusalem because we are instructed to do so. We love the people of God.

  2. I pray for the peace of Jerusalem. I am a Christian bible believing woman who is standing with Israel and what God is doing there. He will never abandon Israel or the Israeli people. There may be trials and tribulation that will look dark and foreboding but He is faithful and the people of Israel are the apple of His eye. The enemy may show his ugly face and threaten and bare his teeth but the God of Abraham, Issac and Jacob will never forsake His children. Do not give up your inheritance and what God has given you no matter what any country or head of any nation tries to convince you to do. You will stand because He stands with you. Look to Him for your direction, guidance and wisdom, He will never fail. I pray God will bless Prime Minister Netanyahu as he seeks Him and gives him strength and guidance to make right decisions that will effect the future of Israel and her people. Peace cannot be bought or paid for with land. Only God can give that precious gift that we all long to have in our own hearts and in our own nation. I would ask anyone reading this publication to pray for America. We like Israel need God to help us in our hour of need. God Bless the Israeli people and God bless America.

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