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Utah Shook by Largest Earthquake in 75 years

The strongest earthquake in more than 75 years struck Utah early Thursday night. The magnitude 4.9 quake shook parts of the Beehive State at 5:59 p.m. Mountain time (4:49 p.m. Pacific), according to the University of Utah’s Earthquake Information Center.

No injuries, and only minor damage, were reported by the Deseret News.

The quake’s epicenter was eight kilometers northeast of Randolph, Utah.

Randolph, population 483, was the city with the highest percentage of people to vote for George W. Bush in the U.S.’s 2004 presidential election, according to Wikipedia.

The quake was reported by more than 280 residents across the state, the university said in a release.

via Utah shook by largest quake in 75 years.

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