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Utah Earthquakes Leading Up to Volcanic Action?

Large earthquakes — above 4 on the Richter Scale — are occurring in Utah at about a normal rate, but geologists say it seems much higher.

Thursday evening’s quake on the Utah/Wyoming border is number 27 so far this year in Utah. That one near Randolph was one of the strongest in the state in 75 years, according to seismic station reports, the U.S. Geological Survey and professional quake watchers.

Although there was little to no damage Thursday at the surface of the epicenter, some 77 miles northeast of Salt Lake City, that doesn’t mean that it wasn't geologically significant. If the current pace continues, more than 90 significant earthquakes will occur by the end of the year.

Between April of last year and now, there were 80 large earthquakes, according to the USGS, which is quick to point out quakes are just part of the natural give and take in the supporting land mass miles below Utah’s surface.

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  1. looking at the current events concerning the world. and then looking at scripture Matthew 24:7 earthquakes in various places, Matthew 27:50-51 the earth quaked and the rocks split, Luke 19:40 if them were to keep silent the stones would cry out. Well it looks like the rocks/stones are crying out, as if they are heralding the coming of our Savior Jesus Christ.

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