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Mideast A Ticking Timebomb As Threats of War Loom

Major Mideast wars are coming according to the Bible prophecies in Psalm 83 and Ezekiel 38-39. It would be prudent for people to prepare now, in 2010, for their soon and sequential arrivals.

It is public knowledge that as of December 2009 Iran, Syria, Hezbollah, and Hamas became allied together by bonafide war pacts against Israel. Iran is a member of Ezekiel 38-39 and Syria, Hezbollah, and Hamas appear to be identified in Psalm 83. These war pacts reportedly commit them to fight alongside each other should any of them come under attack by Israel. Had these war pacts been in place during the 22 day conflict between Israel and Hamas that ended in January 2009, the outcome could have been dramatically different.

Back then the Israeli Defense Forces (I.D.F.) seemingly ambushed Hamas with their retaliatory show of force and caught these others off guard. None of them were able to lift a finger to rescue Hamas from the pounding inflicted by the I.D.F. Iran’s nuclear program was incomplete, Hezbollah was in the process of restocking their rocket arsenals, and Syrian war scars from 1948, 1967, and 1973 made them reluctant to join alongside Hamas. Thus, these vowed enemies of Israel were reduced to sideline saber-rattling at the time.

However, matters have deteriorated and are quite different today. A brief review of Mideast events occurring since the Israel – Hamas war suggests the Fertile Crescent is presently a ticking end time’s bomb set to explode. In addition to the war pacts described above, here are a few more troublesome interim occurrences:

1. Israelis are being fitted for gas masks.

2. Israelis are preparing for a multi-front chemical war with Iran, Hezbollah, Syria, and Hamas.

3. Israel is constructing new and renovating thousands of old bomb shelters.

4. Israel is threatening a pre-emptive strike against Iran’s nuclear sites.

5. Iran could have a nuclear bomb within eighteen months.

6. Syria is now thought to have the most powerful scud missiles in the world.

7. Syria has reportedly shipped scud missiles to Hezbollah.

8. Syria has threatened to attack major Israeli cities in the event of war.

9. Hezbollah has declared that it can wipe out one-half of Israel’s army.

10. Hezbollah has been training for hand to hand combat inside Israeli cities.

11. Hezbollah and Syria reportedly have chemical weapons.

12. Hezbollah has stockpiled over 50,000 rockets.

13. Jerusalem and Tel Aviv are within rocket reach of Israel’s enemies.

14. Hamas reportedly has rockets that can reach Israel’s nuclear reactor in Dimona.

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