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Saved At The Altar While Tornado Levels Church

I saw this news story and thought, there’s a sermon in this. One church and several houses in Yazoo City were reduced to rubble due to the tornado on Saturday. In the church, a painter working inside was saved when he dived under the altar. The church was leveled around him, but the painter only suffered 3 scratches.

Dale Thrasher — who miraculously survived an April 24 tornado that toppled Hillcrest Baptist Church around him — told his wife that the Lord was just not ready for him yet.

“He still has other work for me to do.”

Sixty-year-old Thrasher — an 11-year member and lay leader of the small Missionary Baptist church in Yazoo City in west-central Mississippi — had come to the church to make some copies for a church business meeting scheduled the next day.

“My wife called me about 15 minutes before the tornado hit to tell me it was heading for Yazoo City,” Thrasher recounted. He looked outside, didn’t see anything and returned to making his copies.

“A few minutes later, the building started to pop. I went back to the front door and all I could see was a black, swirling cloud. I believe it was the tornado and I was already in it.”

Thrasher dashed for the church kitchen where he planned to get under a kitchen table for protection. “But as I passed the sanctuary, the doors were open and I felt the Lord leading me inside. I slid under the communion table. It was just like the Lord put his arms around me. The windows started to blow out.”

In a surreal way, Thrasher said the sanctuary’s cushioned, individual seats started rushing toward him and the communion table.

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