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Conflict in Israel, Will Israel Obey God or Man

Again, a conflict has arisen in Israel – this time in regard to the government’s order to freeze construction in the so-called Jewish “settlements” of Judea and Samaria. The conflict boils down to: Should Israel obey God or man?

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu bowed to heavy international pressure recently by reversing his position on such construction. He had stood against this pressure since taking office, but suddenly ordered a 10-month freeze.

However, it should be noted that the freeze is both temporary and incomplete. It is to be in effect for only 10 months, and does not include 3,000 housing units already under construction. Nor does it include East Jerusalem.

Israeli soldiers have been instructed to enforce the freeze. However, many are defying those orders. Numerous settler leaders are also refusing to cooperate, and many rabbis are publicly opposing the government’s new policy – which was not part of the platform that got Netanyahu elected.

The rabbis have stressed the God-given right of the Jews to the Land. The biblical mandate clearly designates all the territory west of the Jordan River as the home of the Jewish people forever. Prophets called it “an everlasting covenant.” The rabbis claim that the covenant is still in effect following God’s miraculous re-gathering of the Jews and the restoration of their ancient nation.

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