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N. Korea, Syria, Iran – New Axis of Evil Worries Israel

Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman on Wednesday accused North Korea of plotting to run arms to Hamas and Hizbullah, saying Pyongyang was part of a new “axis of evil” along with Syria and Iran.Speaking to reporters during a state-visit to Tokyo, Lieberman said “this axis of evil that includes North Korea, Syria and Iran, it’s the biggest threat to the entire world, not to Israel but to the entire world.

“We saw this kind of cooperation only two or maybe three months ago with the North Korean plane in Bangkok with huge numbers of different weapons with the intention to smuggle these weapons to Hamas and Hizbullah,” Lieberman added.In mid-December Thai authorities, acting on a tip from foreign intelligence, seized a cargo plane full of more than 40 tons of weaponry, including missiles and RPG’s. The Thai Air Force said that the plane took off from Pyongyang.According to flight documents seized aboard the plane, the cargo was headed for Teheran, where officials denied they were trying to import weapons from North Korea. Iran is a prime supporter of Hamas and Hizbullah, and has supplied both groups with weapons and training in the past.

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