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Many Americans Expect Jesus Return By 2050

A new survey finds that Americans are divided over whether they believe Jesus Christ will return by the year 2050.

Among respondents to the survey by the Pew Research Center for the People and the Press and Smithsonian Magazine, 41% said they expect Jesus' Second Coming in the next 40 years, while 46 percent said it probably or definitely won't happen.

The poll suggests that 58 percent of white evangelicals believe Jesus will return by 2050 compared to only 32 percent of Catholics, and respondents with no college education were three times as likely as those with college degrees to expect Christ's Second Coming in the next 40 years.

via Many Americans expect Jesus’ return by 2050 – Israel News, Ynetnews.

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  1. This point to me is mysterious as nobody knows the day, nor the hour the son of the man will come, all speculations around this topic should not be discussed under a specific date or year, God’s recommendation is to get ready because HE will come like a thief. As far as i undestand it, jesus chirst will appear the time nobody thinks it is, why not tomorrow ?…the Bible says that if he tarries it is because is using patience to mechants in order that he who is still hesitating repent himself.

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