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Earthquake Near Salton Sea Triggered By Baja Easter Quake

The moderate 5.4 magnitude earthquake that rolled through Southern California on Wednesday was probably triggered by the Mexicali temblor that hit Easter Sunday, seismologists said.

Earthquake scientists’ preliminary analysis had already shown that the 7.2 magnitude Baja California quake placed more pressure on at least two fault zones in Southern California — the Elsinore and the San Jacinto.

Wednesday’s earthquake, which caused no major damage, appeared to confirm that analysis. It struck on the San Jacinto fault zone, which runs roughly from the Salton Sea area northwest through the San Jacinto Mountains toward San Bernardino.

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More on The Easter Quake – 7.2 Easter Earthquake – A Sign of Something Greater?

According to many, there was something different about the 7.2 earthquake that struck the California-Mexico border on Easter Sunday. This earthquake appeared to strike with a fury, shaking an entire mountain range as seen and recorded on video by several witnesses. Then there were the reports of houses actually sinking near the epicenter as water rose around them.

Over the next few days many residents began leaving the area saying that the shock of witnessing such an event was so great they could not live or return to the towns they once called home. One of the most frightening aspects that many residents spoke about was the water that came up through the ground through fissures and cracks. Yes, some was from broken pipes and canals, but that is not what seemed to alarm the residents. What alarmed many was that in some areas it appeared to be salt water that was coming up through the cracks. If so, it truly indicates the lateness of the hour.

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  1. Quite simple. As Jesus said, there will be earthquakes in divers places preceeding His return.But the time is not yet! And no man knows the hour, nor the day, not even Jesus Himself when He was in human form.But when you see armies surounding Isreal, then know ye that the time is very soon!Mathew 24, and the other gospels also tell this, each in their own chapter!

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