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Many say ‘So What?’ to God, religion, atheism

If this is your first time visiting Bible Prophecy In The News, I’d like to invite you to subscribe to our RSS feed. Never miss an update.. Thanks for visiting! Researchers have begun asking the kind of nuanced questions that reveal just how big the So What set might be: •44% told the 2011 Baylor […]

Why an Attack on Iran and Another War in Middle East are More Likely Than Not

The Middle East saber-rattling heightened last week as Iran’s Revolutionary Guards fired salvos at the West and claimed the United States could not frighten them out of blocking the strategic Strait of Hormuz. “The Islamic Republic of Iran does not ask for the permission of any country for implementing its defensive strategies,” a top leader […]

Being Christian is a death sentence – Editorial

Persecuted Christians are fleeing from the Middle East in increasing numbers. The United States should open its doors to them as a guaranteed safe haven.America has long been a beacon of hope for the world’s refugees, and members of religious minorities in the Middle East are in increasing need of relief. They have never had […]

Many say ‘So What?’ to God, religion, atheism

Sunday mornings, when Bill Dohm turns his eyes toward heaven, he’s just checking the weather so he can fly his 1946 Aeronca Champ two-seater plane.Helton, 28, and Dohm, 54, aren’t atheists, either. They simply shrug off God, religion, heaven or the ever-trendy search-for-meaning and/or purpose. The real dirty little secret of religiosity in America is […]

Detroit ‘savaged’ by economic problems – US Struggling To Avoid Recession

The US economy is struggling to avoid falling back into recession, and the gap between rich and poor is at its largest for 30 years.Detroit has been particularly badly hit by the downturn, and is a city struggling with unemployment, poverty, debt and crime. Read More