Prophecy in today's headlines

Fear That The End Is Near Grows – Apocalypse Bubble?

Dene McGriff wants to make sense out of the last days – the end of times. He has turned to the Bible. Others have turned to ancient calendars, prophecies and even movies. All see the same message: The end is near. McGriff, a retired Carmichael, Calif., businessman, runs a Web site called Tribulation Network, which […]

Apocalyptic Storm Forming in the Middle East

Joel Rosenberg writes, events are moving so quickly in the epicenter it can be difficult to keep track of, much less understand the big picture. So here it is in a sentence: An apocalyptic storm is forming over the Middle East. Consider the data points: 1. Iran has just been caught secretly building a 2nd […]

Apocalypse Soon Says Rev. David Jeremiah

The pages of failed end-of-the-world prophecies could make up a whole new testament. Now there’s the Rev. David Jeremiah, an East County mega-pastor and TV evangelist who says the end is coming, in the words of a familiar church song, “soon and very soon.” In a new book that hit bookstores this week, Jeremiah offers […]