Prophecy in today's headlines

Global food chain stretched to the limit

Strained by rising demand and battered by bad weather, the global food supply chain is stretched to the limit, sending prices soaring and sparking concerns about a repeat of food riots last seen three years ago. Signs of the strain can be found from Australia to Argentina, Canada to Russia. Read More

Bull sharks spotted swimming down the main street in Goodna – 30km from the coast

Two bull sharks have reportedly been spotted swimming down the main street of a flooded Queensland town, 30km inland. Butcher Steven Bateman spotted two bull sharks swimming near his Goodna shop yesterday – one of several reports of a sharks in Goodna’s main street. Ipswich local councillor Paul Tully confirmed it was a bizarre but […]

Locust Plague Hits Spain-sized Area of Eastern Australia

Swarms of locusts have infested a huge area of eastern Australia roughly the size of Spain after recent floods, ravaging farmland. Chris Adriaansen, head of the Australian Plague Locust Commission, said the quick-breeding creatures had hit from Longreach in Queensland in the north-east to Melbourne and Adelaide – 190,000 square miles. “What we’ve got certainly […]

Swarms Of Locusts Spread Across Australia

Swarms of locusts are sweeping parts of Australia right now measuring about four miles long and 170 meters wide. Locusts feed mainly on vegetation and since this is the time for farmers to harvest their crops the government has about nine planes on standby to treat the swarms if they get any larger. Source

School Sex Club Run By Six Year Olds, says Brisbane Dad

It’s a sick world… The Queensland Government wants to hear of any sex-related incidents at state primary schools, after revelations of a “sex club” run by six-year-old boys. Three boys aged six ran a sex club at a Brisbane state school demanding and receiving sexual favours from Year 2 classmates, a father has claimed. The […]