Prophecy in today's headlines

Chilean Earthquake Hints At Dangers of Big One for USA

One of the really “Big Ones” to shake the United States was a magnitude-9.0 earthquake along the Pacific Northwest coast more than 300 years ago, before the arrival of huge numbers of people and development, that sent a catastrophic tsunami to Japan. Were something like that 1700 quake to occur today — and it certainly […]

Earthquake Expert Says Quake Activity Building Up

More than 1,100 people have died because of a massive 7.6 magnitude earthquake that shook Indonesia 24 hours ago. On Tuesday, a giant earthquake near the American Samoan Islands caused death and destruction and the western United States has seen two sizable earthquakes since 10:30 a.m. Wednesday. On Thursday earthquakes have shaken parts of California […]

Oregon – Big Earthquake Coming Sooner

The good news: New research is giving scientists a better handle on when the big one might strike the Pacific Coast. The bad news: It probably will be sooner than we thought. “The amount of devastation is going to be unbelievable,” says Rob Witter, coastal geologist with the Oregon Department of Geology and Mineral Industries. […]

LA Beach Signs Warn of Tsunami Threat

Like many Californians who put down roots in earthquake country, Robin Rudisill knows the “Big One” could strike without warning. Yet from her Venice beachfront duplex, Rudisill worries about a different massive blow from Mother Nature — a tsunami. Her 1950s-era home — with its cool ocean breeze and golden sunsets — sits smack in […]

San Andreas Quake Swarms Watched By Scientists

In Southern California, scientists have their eye on a swarm of quakes in the desert. More than 450 quakes have hit near the Salton Sea since March 21. The southern end of the San Andreas Fault hasn’t snapped in more than 300 years. But scientists worry small quakes could act as a trigger for the […]

Salton Sea Is Swarming With Earthquake Data

It’s one of the great mysteries of Southern California seismology: Every couple of years, the remote desert area around the Salton Sea is shaken by swarms of small to moderate earthquakes that often last several days. The swarms returned this week, with the area recording more than 200 temblors since Saturday — including several that […]

Southern California Quake Swarm: A Precursor to the Big One?

There has been a swarm of earthquakes in one area of Southern California that scientists in Pasadena are watching closely, with more than 20 temblors hitting this morning. The biggest of the 24 quakes recorded this morning was a magnitude-4.8 which struck at 4:55 a.m. near the Salton Sea in Imperial County, according to the […]

Study Finds Troubling Pattern of Southern California Earthquakes

Large earthquakes have rumbled along a southern section of the San Andreas fault more frequently than previously believed, suggesting that Southern California could be overdue for a strong temblor on the notorious fault line, a new study has found. The Carrizo Plain section of the San Andreas has not seen a massive quake since the […]